Bacon and Eggs

*NOTE: I’m not going for the one-post-a-day thing. I am going to post whenever I can, while I have the energy to do so. So, expect another post-appointments post today!


This morning I am dining on bacon, eggs, and decaf coffee. Real bacon. For those you who may not know or recall, I have been essentially a vegetarian since I was nineteen (I’m thirty four now), and only in the last couple of years have I adjusted my diet to accept once again the virtue of sealife (I still can’t quite bring myself to call it seafood), and some types of organic and/or local meat — mostly chicken.

But today, the doctors have conspired against me. Due to the way a PET scan works, I am not allowed to consume any carbohydrates at all. What?!? It may be one of the most absurd dining experiences ever forced on me. Though I think Dawn is pleased to have bacon in the fridge, and yesterday my father-in-law, Hartmut, repeatedly offered to bring me some nueskes bacon later in the week (he keeps it well stocked in his freezer — never mind that he also offered a portion of his big freezer to be used as sperm storage if I wanted to save some dough! “I don’t want any mix ups to happen,” I said, to which he replied: “Oh no, we have a medical section in our freezer.” Is this too much information?).

Let me make one thing clear: I’m not turning into what an old bookstore owner I once met in Portland called a Meatan. I’m still essentially a vegetarian, and will continue to be so, cancer or no.

(Dangit! I should have snapped a shot of my plate of bacon and eggs! It sure smelled good.)


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