An early morning thank you

This morning at about 6:15, our nudgie cat Sophie woke me up with her incessant whining. Her nudginess has gotten worse lately, and she has been making a point of waking me up early each morning, but usually I am able to soothe her with a morning meal and can easily go back to sleep. But this morning, this nausea that the nurses have been warning me about really reared its head and I haven’t been able to fall off to sleep again. (And this on the one day my chemo doesn’t begin until 10am!)

So, I lie awake in bed, trying not to disturb Dawn, because she needs her rest as much as I do, and I started thinking about how I was fawning over the folks who sent along an iPod for me, but have mostly forgotten to mention the rest of you who so devotedly read my ramblings and have sent along all sorts of things, ranging from loving phone calls and emails, to regular cards, flowers, and blessings of all kinds.

I want to take the time on this nausea-filled morning to thank ALL of you: Chris & Phyllis for the great book; Rachel & John for the funny cards that seem to keep coming; Storm & Ann for the flowers; Marianne, Charlie & Ani for the gift (and the CD–which I was so pleased to get and be able to hold in my hands and listen to!); Ellen & Bill for the homemade pickles and zucchini bread; Shelia (& Sharon) for the St. Peregrine medallion; Fanou & Bryan for the blessing and the lavender plant; my brothers and my sister for their continued concern, emails and phone calls; Paula & Andrea for the banana bread; Matt & Sandy for the card and advice; Shannon for the great book reviews; and everyone else (you know who you are) for all of your phone calls, emails, and love and support. I know that if I tried to list everyone who has expressed their support I’d forget someone, but I want you ALL to know how much it means to us. We simply can’t thank you enough…


One Response to “An early morning thank you”

  1. Sha-woohoo, we just all want more pictures of the collection room. Keep kicking the C, and good karma and thoughts. Shannon

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