The Supremes

Can There Be Only One Supreme Nurse?

Today my first encounter with nurse Laura was great! She poked me with a successful IV on the first try — and I think that it hurt less than it had before too. Of course, the Lorazepam helps quite a bit. It’s nice to feel a bit loopy when I sit down in the Chemo Ward. Definitely.

Since it took three tries on Monday, two on Tuesday, and only one today, it seems to logically follow that tomorrow it will be zero, right? I’ve been told this isn’t the case. Damn!

Now, Dawn made the slight mistake of telling Laura that she won the prize for being the first nurse to do it in one shot because Laura naturally went off to brag to the other nurses. Nurses Nettie & Kim took some offense at this, since they too successfully placed IVs in me after other nurses had failed, and soon I had all three nurses in my room arguing their case. Fortunately, I had just pulled out my camera and managed to get the little episode on tape:

Now let’s see if I can identify the ladies for you here. Nettie is the nurse in the all purple/blue outfit with dark hair. Kim wears a mostly white shirt with a gold logo of some sort and has short pepper gray hair. Laura is the blonde woman with the floral shirt that hangs closest to the door. Dawn I’m sure you can identify — she’s the cutey giggling in the chair.

As I’m sure you can hear me say in the video, each of these women are tops to me! The Supremes. I can’t say enough how in awe of these women Dawn and I are.


More Chemo Ward

Dawn also captured the following video of my cozy chemo room. We like this corner room for its pleasant view and privacy. Don’t bother trying to hear what I’m mumbling, the audio is horrible.

And here’s a shot of what my view was like once the sun came out…


Not so bad, eh?

Overall, (aside from the nausea, fatique, and another needle) it was a good day. I only worked three hours at Borders and then Dawn and I decided to treat ourselves to pizza and a salad at Uno’s for dinner. It was nice that neither of us had to face the kitchen tonight.


3 Responses to “The Supremes”

  1. I’m sure they’re all amazing, but I have no choice but to like Nettie the best, ’cause she gives you the attitude I’d love to be dishing out myself. So, yay for Nettie.

    But what a wonderful thing that all three seem to genuinely like each other, which means the patients like you get the benefit of their job satisfaction. I’ll hope for no sticks tomorrow–maybe you won’t even notice.

    It’s nice to see you and hear your voice at the same time, too.

  2. Nurse Cindi stuck me on the first go this morning, so she is running a close second behind Nettie, Kim, and Laura who have no fails to their name. I’m just relieved we did it with one poke again!

  3. beverly davis Says:

    Hi Mike! Have they told you about the wonderful “numbing cream” that will help with the injections? If not, ask! It is really great! Sorry you are having to do all this stuff but keep up the laughter and smiles. Glad you have such a good support team close by and know that we are thinking of you very ofter and are anxious to read each blog and enjoy the videos! Take Care Beverly and Richard

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