Cain and Beesh and Friends

Yesterday, I received some interesting mail. There was the bill for cryopreservation from UW Hospital. There was the brand new web cam from Aurelia, who I seem to recall wants Dawn and I to have one so that we can talk to her preschoolers and we can see each other. There was yet another card from Rachel and John — I think this is the fifth or sixth. What else? Oh yeah, and then there was this package:


Apparently from Sweden, it had no return address, and contained one brand new CD by a band called The Cain and Beesh Band, called One Side of Two Stories… The band hails itself on its web site as the world’s most laid back band, so perhaps they just randomly send out new CDs around the world from their cozy Swedish home. Hmmm….not quite an iPod.


Each day that I don’t have a treatment, I feel a little better. The overwhelming issue at this point is an outrageous sense of restlessness, and an inability to get comfortable in any sort of position. This means, I can’t sit at the computer for long, or in a comfortable chair with a book or crossword, it means I can’t take naps much, or fall asleep easily — and mostly it means I jump from task to task, room to room (in fact, I have to get up now, I’ll be back)…

I don’t know what it is, and it seems like an odd side effect, now that the nausea and other physical side effects seem to be at least manageable if not completely dissipated. I’m wondering if this restlessness is not just a side effect of one of the drugs I’m taking in order to curb the side effects of the chemo. It’s an awful cycle of drugs and side effects around here. Tara suggested yesterday that I’m just trying to get another prescription for something with this claim, but really, I’m not. I don’t want any more drugs in my body. The other night our friend Abby mentioned the irony that someone like me, always so hell bent on keeping chemicals and toxins out of my body, was now forced to consume them en masse. No kidding. The irony is not lost on me.

Anyway, I’ve now listened to One Side of Two Stories… and I can honestly say that it sucks. I hope that if someone out there did send it to me as a gift, they did it with the best of intentions. If someone thought to send it to me in case I might review it (I used to review music for Austin Music Magazine when we lived in Austin), they should be relieved I no longer review music. It wouldn’t be pretty.

Anyway, I’m going to post this for now…but I reserve the right to come back later today and revise and update it. I think I’ll go for a walk.


5 Responses to “Cain and Beesh and Friends”

  1. Ann Kjerulf Knien Says:

    Hey Mike!
    Glad to hear that the nausea has subsided a bit.
    The restlessness could very well be due to the steroids. When I was in my second year undergrad, I got quite sick with a virus and had to sit out (more or less) for two quarters. They put me on steroids, and the minute they were in me, I felt the need to make all of these lists of things I needed to do. The problem was that they never got finished, and neither did any of the tasks. I spent a few minutes here and there on anything and everything. Sleeping did not happen for very long, but sporadically throughout the day.
    I hope that your walk was enjoyable! Is the fall in Wisconsin anything like Boston? We are still around 90 in Austin. I am looking forward to when the first cold front comes in.

  2. It is, if you ask me, better than Boston. Of course, the Fall is my favorite time of year no matter where I am. I love this weather. What a time to be sick!

  3. You are totally wrong. I loved the CD so much that I thought you should have it, and I ordered another one all the way from Sweden for you. I listen to it all the freakin’ time. In fact, when I wasn’t talking to you on the way to Columbus, I was listening to them.

    I fell in love with Track 2, which is all over the internet, but I love a lot more of the tracks now. I don’t even skip any.

    You know, chemo affects the taste buds. I think it might affect your taste in music. Those guys are awesome. And Cain is very sweet. He and I have exchanged a multiple of emails.

    Cain and Beesh rock!

  4. Oops. What can I say? I should’ve known…sorry. I’ll give it another listen.

  5. Harumph.

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