Rocket Science

*Please Note: Today this blog is not about cancer.

What is it about? Normalcy. That’s what today felt like, and I never thought I’d be so happy to realize it.

It seemed like today was the first day since I was diagnosed nearly a month ago that I felt like I had my old life back. It’s times like this that you realize that despite all the bitching and hoping we do every day, things can always be worse. I simply cherished the day today, and decided I’d even go see a movie — by myself. In fact, there was only one other guy sitting in the old movie house at the Orpheum watching Rocket Science with me.

The movie was nothing amazing, but it was quite good. It was entertaining and fun. It was funny, and there were parts where yes, practically alone in the the theater, I laughed outloud. Heartily outloud. I enjoyed so many banal things today. I took the bus. Loved it. Taking the bus is something that I’ve always enjoyed in a way, and I’ve been a regular city bus/train rider for many years now — but today it was one more thing contributing to normalcy and I relished it. When I got downtown, I crossed State Street and walked into Paul’s Books (not Borders!). I bought three well-used books (shhh, don’t tell Dawn, I spent too much money!): the Revised and Enlarged According to Hoyle circa 1970 because it has great rules for Mahjong, a game that Dawn and I learned to play, of all places, in Berlin this summer. I bought Dawn a set for our anniversary, but we still haven’t used them. I also bought this amazing book called Illustrated…Game Manual by some old codger named Frank H. Geri, Director of Summer Playgrounds, Bellingham, Washington. I almost didn’t mention this book, because I think it was a real find, and it has potential as a reissue, or revised and updated version (I didn’t want anyone to steal my idea!). It looks like I’ve got the third printing from 1951. Here’s what it looks like to give you an idea of the thing. It seems quite rare, plus it’s full of really great games for kids. Very cool.


Here’s an example of the kind of artwork that accompanies the book’s game descriptions…


The third book I bought is for my House collection, Building Fences of Wood, Stone, Metal & Plants. Okay, so some of you might think I should be buying books called Building Bridges at a time like this, but never you mind — you haven’t met the lady that bought the property next to ours out in the country. Let’s just say she has eleven grandchildren and she’s got some sort of ATV mentorship program going on with each of them. I’ve already had one discussion with her about not running thr vile machines on our property. So, I see fences in our future. Besides, it’s a very cool book, and I’m a sucker for those.

After the movie, I decided to walk home rather than take the bus. It’s not a long walk, maybe half hour, and I enjoyed every step of that too. I took my camera along today, and even snapped a couple of photos along the way. Nothing came out good though, so I won’t bore you with them.

So, there you have it: a normal, non-cancer-feeling day for the first time since I was diagnosed. Oh yeah, I even had some Jamba Juice today (very rare, because I hate that they use styrofoam cups — I mean, come on). Does it get any better than that?

Ah, normalcy.


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  1. what kind of fence ideas do you have. cara and i are looking to fence in our land at joshua tree. for now, we might go with something cheap and simple, and then use plant to reinforce hide it.

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