Hair Loss and a New Challenge

Last night it became apparent that my hair is beginning to fall out bit by little bit. And it isn’t just the hair on my head. Today, at my treatment (the last of the first cycle), Dawn and I asked Nettie if my nose and ear hair would fall out too. I was hopeful, but Nettie assured me that it probably would, and my missing nose hair would be nothing but a nuisance, making my nose itchy. She doesn’t understand what it’s like to be a thirty-something male that has to trim and pluck nose hair. She just doesn’t understand. Let’s not even get into the subject of my ear hair.

I can reach up to my head of hair these days, and pinch a bit of hair knowing that what I’ve pinched will effortlessly stay with my fingers rather than in my head. I won’t lie, it’s more disconcerting that I thought it would be. Watching the hair on my body slowly wisp away is strange thing, and not one that I think I really could have prepared myself for.

Tonight I’m debating when the right time to shave the head is. Should I wait until the hair loss becomes noticeable to others, or should I nip it in the bud and shave it now? I’m leaning towards the former, but I’m also getting an itchy trigger finger for the old clippers.

What do you think?


Today was also my first official day as CTM Madison Family Theatre’s production manager/technical director. Yikes. The day, short though it was, proved to me what a challenge I have before me with this company. The producing artistic director and I both have a vision to rebuild and restore the small but old company’s reputation, and we have our hands full for sure. I’m looking at it as challenge, a doable challenge, rather than as a headache. I’m not sure why I’ve remained so calm and level-headed about the chore, but perhaps I’ve learned a thing or two about life and how to live it since I was diagnosed with cancer. As Dawn reminds me everytime I cast my eye down and tell her I don’t want to deal with cancer any more, I’ve learned not to take anything for granted.

The job with CTM is like that. It has so much promise, regardless of the uphill battles that Roseann and I will have to fight, it’s worth it — and I’m not going to take the wacky luck of this job falling into my lap for granted.


As a funny side note, I was looking at yesterday’s The C Word statistics, and these were three of the searches entered that led people to this blog:

1.) “someone is on chemo”

2.) “something is not right with my sperm”

3.) “obscene Bucky Badger t shirt”

Naturally, this is a blog about my struggles with cancer, right?


7 Responses to “Hair Loss and a New Challenge”

  1. i’d say shave it now. it will give you something to do, and it will provide important details about your life to all the local phrenologists.

    everytime i hear someone say Yikes, I always think of the skit we saw on a late night comedy show. the punch-line, as i’m sure you’ll remember, was: “Yikes, good thing I’m dead.” well, maybe that’s not the part you want to remember, but it was terribly funny at the time. I believe another line from the skit was: “straight from my body and on to your plate.” anyone else who reads this would really have had to seen the skit.

  2. Well, I hadn’t considered the local phrenologists.

    And, I certainly remember “Yikes! Good thing I’m dead!” I’m not sure the Kids in the Hall Chicken Lady was the same skit, though. Both funny, but not the same. I think the “Yikes!” was from a spoof chicken commercial where an animated chicken was watching the process of, well, processing the chicken. It was one of those rare, extremely funny television moments. Seems like that must’ve been fifteen years ago or so.

  3. I’d vote for the shave and possibly, a head tattoo.

    At least you don’t have to worry about shaving your arm hair anymore, so that’s a bonus.

    I so did not want this to happen. I mean, I knew it would, but it’s just so freakin’ real. And wrong.

  4. I’m going to pass on the head tattoo — I’d rather get my next tattoo somewhere I can see it. I’m still trying to convince Dawn (who likes the two tattoos I have, but they were both there when we met) that getting a tattoo on my forearm is a good idea. That’s really where I want it.

    And as for the hair loss, I feel the same way. It’s a freaky thing when you reach up to itch your head, and you come back with a clump of hair. I’m just glad I have really short hair–it doesn’t seem as much that way.

  5. i have to say tara’s idea is awesome, there is something wonderful about knowing that the tattoo is there even when you have hair. also you generally keep it short enought that it would show through 🙂

    my vote is for shaving the head now…its just too strange to lose hair in bits and pieces.

  6. I vote for shaving now,too, since YOU would be in control of the hair removal, and you wouldn’t have the experience of watching it fall out in clumps.

  7. I am anti-forearm tattoos, so you won’t get me fighting for your forearm rights. And Lisa’s totally with me on the head tattoo. It wouldn’t have to be elaborate. It could just be something special that you can occasionally glimpse (and won’t mind seeing when you’re an old bald dude).

    By the way, I totally want a Bucky Badger T-shirt (because, hey, I like T-shirts). I don’t know who Bucky Badger is, but I want one.

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