Mt. Baldy



enough said?

(For those interested in what finally pushed me to the decision to go fully bald this afternoon, the photos below should be sufficient)


After wearing a hat all day and working in a semi-hot warehouse environment supervising volunteer high schoolers I was no longer feeling patient with the hair loss that seemed to only be getting more serious. So, I started to pull at it a bit to see just how much was coming out. And I kept pulling. And pulling. I was somewhat obsessed. By the time I got fed up with pulling my hair out, this is what my head looked like:


Then I realized (and I think you can tell from the photo), that I hadn’t been pulling anything from the back of my head. But still, this is what my sink looked like:

(censored for those grossed out by such things)

Then I pulled some out of the back, and, oh man, I soon thereafter picked up the clippers which were quickly followed by the shaving cream and razor. It’s odd, because there are certainly patches of my head in strange places that are totally bald, and others where the hair still seems fairly thickish.

So, what do you think?


9 Responses to “Mt. Baldy”

  1. Mike, I think it was a good move. Its not a dramatic change, like it would be if you were a woman, and you have a wonderfully expressive face. Not to mention the fact that lots of men choose this look voluntarily. I think an ear piercing is what you should consider at this point; I’ll make you an earring (maybe a hanging ball?)if you go that route. LOL

  2. When your eyebrows go, I’m thinking some glued on Bert/Ernie styled ones would be cool.

  3. Georgia–I think I’ll pass on the hanging ball, but thanks!

    As for my eyebrows, they are very slowly going away, but I’m holding out hope that this whole thing will be over before they all come out. There’s just something about not having eyebrows…I don’t know.

  4. Sharon Mom Says:

    I agree with Georgia, including the part about the earring. Whoa up about eyebrow remarks. Some ladies of a certain age have lost most of theirs. Just don’t draw yours on with heavy black pencil.

    You look darling!

  5. Ann Kjerulf Knien Says:

    Mike, you look fabulous! We hope you and Dawn are enjoying some time together this weekend.
    Thinking of you both,
    Ann and Storm

  6. Thanks, Ann.

    Actually, Dawn and I have hardly seen each other this weekend. That’s kind of how it goes when she works weekends at the theater, which is an hour commute from here. But, fortunately, this is her last day working there! I’m working on another post, which will be up soon, and perhaps people will understand a bit more how amazing Dawn really is…

  7. Can you get a tattoo on the back of your head? What fun that would be. Or, you could take the opportunity to rotate out temporary ones just for a change of pace.

    Brave and bold! And argh, I had a goodie that hasn’t made it to the post office. I’m so sorry!

    Good move!!!! Shannon

  8. Ellen DuPuy Says:

    Maybe you should be an actor after all. Those are pretty expressive poses. We’re sorry we missed the concert last weekend. Just couldn’t get to Madison that early.
    Keep that head warm. We’re thinking of you.
    love, ellen and bill

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