The power of the common cold; or, why this post is short

This weekend has been a bit rough. Who knew that a little cold could wipe a person out like this? Dawn and I were trying so hard to avoid getting me sick, but since Dawn spends her days with little kids, and my white blood cells have been drastically diminished by the chemo, we knew it might be difficult. And we failed.

I started feeling it Friday afternoon, and by that evening I was feeling the worst I ever have from a simple cold. This weekend has been another period of doing nothing, much like the week or so I was suffering the worst from the chemo treatments. Fortunately, it hasn’t turned into anything serious, and I don’t think Dr. Arbaje will feel the need to postpone my scheduled treatments this week. He said to us in the beginning that we was “willing to risk putting me in the hospital” if he needed to. It was a harsh thing to hear, I suppose, but he was only trying to explain the importance of the chemotherapy and keeping it on schedule. So, I’m just hoping to pull out of this cold before the end of the week, so that it doesn’t knock me down even further than last time.


Shaving without a razor

In other, hair related news, I learned today what it was like to shave with my fingers. When I shaved my head last Wednesday, I also shaved my facial hair. Now, my beard grows quite fast, and I only shave about once a week (I hate it, I hate it!), but this time it became quickly apparent that sometime after Wednesday my beard had stopped growing, and my stubble was in this strange state of stasis. Every once in a while I would notice a small whisker being freed from its pore. Today, they started coming out in much larger numbers, and a simple wipe of my face with my hand turned up dozens of them. Now there are strange bald spots on my face that haven’t been there since that fateful pubescent day when my brother Greg teased me about my peach fuzz, sending me up the stairs to shave my face for the first time. So, today I shaved my face for what will probably be the last time for a while. This will make Dawn quite happy. She hates stubble.


3 Responses to “The power of the common cold; or, why this post is short”

  1. Well, shit. I’ve got thesick myself, though I have high hopes that I’m on the tail end. I’ve known since I got it that I needed to be healthy before I get up there to see you. Here’s hoping we’re both on the mend.

  2. I hope you are on the tail end. I’m not sure where I am in it, but know that it will take longer to work its way out because of the chemo. My white blood cell count is quite low, and they may even elect to skip Friday’s treatment if it goes any lower this week. Good times.

  3. Well, I got it two weeks ago. Today, I lost my voice for part of the day. Not good. I don’t feel that bad, but I need a lot of Kleenex.

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