the needle(s) and the damage done

The Needle(s)

Many of you will probably recall my initial problems with the IV placements when I first began chemo, but yesterday set a new record. It took three nurses four painful attempts to stick it in me. Yikes.

My primary nurse yesterday, a woman who had already sworn she would never attempt on me tried first, once again vowed to never come near me with a needle again, and decided before I left that we would leave the IV in overnight, and hopefully avoid more problems today. She said there was 75% chance that it would work just fine, and fortunately it did. They won’t leave it in another night, and I’m glad for that. it was awkward just knowing there was a needle in me the whole time. A little disconcerting.


And The Damage Done

Though my body mostly feels like its being slowly tortured, we were given the first visual proof that the treatment is doing its job yesterday. On the first day of each cycle, they take x-rays of my chest to track the tumors. The difference between the beginning of treatment and now is remarkable. The largest of the tumors has seemingly disappeared, and the other, smaller, tumors are barely visible. The toxic chemicals seem to be killing the bad guys quite well — I just wish they weren’t killing so many good guys at the same time.

I said to the doc, “So, can we stop now?”

“No,” he said dismissing my humor. “We will continue with the next cycle.”

Dr. Arbaje was not, by the way, concerned about my cold. He told us his biggest concerns where infection is involved would be the kind coming from the inside. This is because my defenses are very low, and it throws the natural balance our bodies keep with resident bacteria out of whack, leaving the door open for these normally harmless guys to take control. My blood work showed such low counts yesterday that they plan to do more blood work on Thursday to watch it closely. If my counts are still lower, they will cancel Friday’s treatment to make sure they don’t put me in too dangerous a position.

I anticipate a lot of daytime sleeping this week and probably into next week too. If I ever get the cancer again, I plan to do it in the winter, when I don’t really want to go outside anyway. It’s so beautiful here that sitting inside lounging is hard to do.


3 Responses to “the needle(s) and the damage done”

  1. Yeah for the shrinking bad guys! Its reassuring to know that the treatment is really working. Nice song reference by the way 🙂

  2. I’m so not gonna be in the room when they stick you. I’m just sayin. I don’t want to see you cry so early in my visit. Particularly right before I pass out…

  3. Believe it or not, I don’t cry. I just cringe quite a bit. I was really hoping you’d be there with me, since Dawn won’t be that morning. Maybe we’ll both luck out (in a way) and my white blood cells will be so low on Thursday that they’ll cancel Friday’s treatment. Then again, if you’re sick we might want to think about rescheduling, because I can’t afford to catch something else I don’t think…

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