ear hair

A recent search engine hit for this blog: “funny pictures of ear hair.” What do you suppose was on that person’s list of things to do? Anyway, the only reason this post is entitled “ear hair” is because I’ve dug deep into the well of clever titles and come up dry today. Also, I have three things to say about ear hair, which seems like a lot. The first I’ve already told you. The second involves last nights edition of the Jim Lehrer News Hour:

Georgia came into town Tuesday to spend the day with me since Dawn was not going to be around all day or night (she worked and had agreed to help out a friend by sitting in on an Orchestral rehearsal of Mahler’s first symphony in Beloit, which is about 50 miles from here, meaning she got home very late), and one of the last things we did before she hopped back in her Corrolla and headed home was watch the News Hour. It was the second segment, I think, a piece they called Landmark Nuclear Agreement Between India, U.S. in Danger of Collapse.

They ran through their regular format, first having a report filed by a correspondent and then returning to the studio to discuss the issue with two experts. One of the experts, Arjun Makhijani, of the Institute for Energy and Environmental Research, had a serious ear hair problem — I mean, if you consider a thick mane of dark hair oozing from each ear a problem — that Georgia could not stop laughing about. She spent the first half of the discussion trying to convince herself that the hair was some sort of ear piece listening device he was wearing, since most of the shots only showed us his left side. But, with the confirmation of at least two right side shots, it was clear that ear hair was the culprit. Why am I writing about this? Two reasons. First, it made us laugh, and when you can laugh while watching two very serious-minded talking heads discuss nuclear proliferation in one of the world’s most populous nations, that’s a pretty good sign that there’s still some joy left in the world. Second, I have a mild ear hair problem myself, which leads me to the third thing I have to say on the topic…

Some day when I’m in a good mood I’d like someone (a scientist or doctor of some sort I presume) to explain to me why with a head that is fully bald, my fast growing beard non-existent, and much of the rest of my body hair gone or noticeably thinned do my ear hairs continue to sprout? Why, oh why, of all the hair I would wish away if I could, why, someone tell me please, why does this evil brand of folicle flourish?


3 Responses to “ear hair”

  1. This is truly a mystery. However, you in no way resemble the half man/half faun we saw the other night on TV. You could have BRAIDED that man’s ear hair! LOL!

  2. He did indeed have significant ear hair.

  3. […] stuff seems to have really taken all of the hair from my head. Last year I even remember writing a post about how it would’ve been nice if chemo disposed of my ear hair for a while. Well, this time it did. Add to that my eyebrows and eyelashes, and what you’ve got is one […]

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