back to work

I’ve sat down several times to write a new post in the last few days, and have come up with nothing. Just blank stares at an empty page. This morning I sat up in bed thinking about why I suddenly have nothing (or at least very little) to say on my blog lately. Is there nothing new to report? Or am I tired of reporting on life with cancer?

Maybe it’s a little of both. So, bear with me, and forgive the short post this morning. The thing is, I have to get ready for work soon, or I’m going to be late.

This week is the first week of serious work I’ve done since I was diagnosed, and I’ve been surprised both by my how much energy I’ve had while working and how little I’ve had at the end of the day. The project I’m undertaking this week is huge — I won’t go into the boring details here — and since next week is a full chemo week (the last one!) when I won’t be able to continue the work I’m pushing myself to get a lot done this week.

I’ve always been a hard worker, and (especially in my theater work) have always been able to work very long hours without much trouble. But now my energy level is much lower, and my body more delicate so I’m trying to be careful to not push myself into a premature drop in energy and health.

Now it’s wednesday — hump day — and I find myself feeling the kind of energy that I would normally feel after working a full day. Not a great place to start the day, but I’m committed. It helps me feel less sick, this work thing.

I have to run now. Thanks to all of you for reading, sending cards and gifts, calling, offering love, food, and all kinds of support. Dawn and I would be lost without you.


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