self portrait – October

A couple of people have mentioned how my blog posts have begun to thin out considerably, and the only real explanation I have for that is my job with CTM. Last week I was very busy trying to get our new shop/storage/rehearsal facility up and running for rehearsals of our winter show (A Christmas Carol) this week. It was, to say the least, quite a chore.

Every once in a while I have a hard time getting the thumbnail of an image to show up in a post — it’s very odd. This is one of those instances.

Since it has been just over a month since my first self portrait, I thought I’d add another to the list. I took about a dozen, and I tried smiling, but this was the best shot I think. I’m sitting in my office at home. The clock on the wall behind me was one that used to hang in my grandparents home in San Diego. I love it because the sound it makes as it ticks reminds me of all the evenings I spent as a kid (and young adult) sleeping in the living room of their small home. The sound has always carried with me. It’s a sensation of peace, warmth, safeness that it brings to mind. At the moment the clock is not wound, and so not making any sound. I don’t know why but I haven’t been able to bring myself to wind it up in the midst of all this. I plan on winding it when the chemo is over.



self portrait – October


Today was the first day of my final cycle of chemo too. Things are looking good. All of the blood markers and x-rays indicate that the cancer is nearly wiped out of my body. So, now the hard part is simply enduring the final cycle. Because today is the one day of the cycle that they give me all three of my chemo drugs at once, we’ve started off with a bang, and my energy level and overall feeling of well being have taken a serious nosedive. I’m trying not to dread the next couple of weeks…but I guess I am anyway.

(oh, and happy birthday to my brother Matt!)


4 Responses to “self portrait – October”

  1. Great to read “our Blog of the Year” again! We rejoice with you in the good news in your fight against cancer. The hardest is behind.
    Let us know when the show will be in Madison we will be there. Love to both of you. Fanou

  2. Thank you, Fanou. I hope to see you (& Bryan) soon. –mike

  3. Hey Mike!

    I had only read part of the blog when I clicked on the link for the picture, so when I saw the clock the first thing I wondered was if it was grandma’s. It makes me feel good that you have it. There was something very special about that house – I miss it. Good memories.


  4. Steve — I miss it too. I mean, I miss the idea of it, because I know if we spent time there now it could never be like the time we spent there when we were kids. I have such fond memories of that clock too, because at night it was the only sound in the house, and I learned to find it so soothing. When it is wound up, we have to keep the office door closed here at night though, because the dongs wake Dawn up.

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