Life is funny. Kind of.

Yesterday morning on my way to work I dropped a 9×12 white envelope at the post office, sending it priority mail to the Office of the Commissioner of Insurance for the state of Wisconsin. The envelope contained a full complaint against Assurant Health (about which a friend recently wrote, “I’m sorry you have such an ironically named insurance company”). Soon after sitting down at my desk, a woman from a place called Turville Bay called, returning my call of the previous day. It was the sort of phone call that has become so annoying: having to explain to our medical creditors why we still can’t pay them (Turville Bay is the facility where I had an MRI done when Dr. Arbaje wanted to be sure the cancer had not spread to my brain). The woman was very nice — they all are, these medical bill collectors, thank god — and said she could put one more thirty day hold on the account, which totaled $1700.

An hour later, while still sitting in my office I received a call on my cell from Monika — our primary contact with the ironically named insurance company — telling me that the review of my case had finally been completed and Assurant was beginning to pay my claims. Holy shit. Talk about relief. She told me that she could not explain why the review had taken so long, and apologized for the “inconvenience.” I thought to myself, “it’s too bad I went through the headache of preparing the complaint, but it’s still valid, and I hope it is still investigated.”

Today I received a thick packet in the mail from Assurant, full of evidence that they had paid many of my medical bills.

What more can I say? I could say “whew!” but that sounds lame.


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