Where oh where have my benefactors gone?

Okay, folks. We’ve been holding steady at $600 (only 30% of my goal) for days now…

Remember, this money isn’t for me–it’s for the American Cancer Society (ACS). The other day I was thinking about this horrible young woman that once admonished Dawn and I for giving $2 to the American Red Cross by tacking it on to our grocery bill at our local H.E. Butts (HEB) one night in Austin. She said to me, “You should really give your money to a better organization than that.” At the time, I nodded and ignored her because I was tired and wanted to go home. But every now and again, when the memory rears up in my mind, I think of things I would have rather said: “Oh really? And have you given any thought to where your money goes? The designer jean company that supplied your legwear, for instance? The animal testing, polluting makeup supplier that has painted your face?” I could go on, but my anger at that woman is something to be let go, right?

Anyway, I can attest to the worth of ACS . They actually directly benefited Dawn and I during my chemo by providing me with rides home from the chemo ward when no one could be there to get me home. I remember thinking how great the people who volunteered to help were, and am in the process of looking into volunteering with ACS myself.

All of this isn’t to say that you’re not donating because you don’t like the mission or adminstration of ACS. It’s probably because you missed my email asking for help, or forgot about it. Or you don’t have the money. But if you do, please help.

Thanks (again) in advance.


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