No news is good news

That’s what they say, and I’m going along with it. Other than a discussion about some strange pains I’ve been having here and there and my own admission that it could be nothing more than a heightened sense of my mortality (read: increased hypochondria), questioning the nurse about my always low heart rate, and an uncomfortable moment where the nurse called herself fat in not so many words, there is little to report of my visit with Dr. Arbaje today.

I did have another set of chest xrays, which came back clean, and my tumor markers have remained level, though still not down to normal levels.

That, in a nutshell, is today’s report.

Thanks for your support — and your readership.


One Response to “No news is good news”

  1. Dear Mike:

    We’re so happy to know that everything looks good. My question is about the “aberration” on your last pet scan. Does the clean chest x-ray mean that is no longer an issue?

    Keep up the purging of all unwanted issues and tissues…housecleaning of the inner landscape is as important as cleaning up the external environment. Even more so! Negativity, anger, hostility…off with their heads! Love to you. Georgia

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