Where are they now?

Okay, I should apologize for neglecting the end of the Relay For Life. Things have been a bit hectic around here lately — especially when my other blog (the blog that is about my life and work in theater) suddenly got very popular because I happened to break some bad industry news. I even “scooped the NY Times!”

But anyway, thank you all for your generous support of the American Cancer Society. Including offline donations, we raised about $1500!

I did go to the relay (I have a lavendar t-shirt to prove it!), but did not stay overnight as the UW-Madison Relay would have me do.

When Dawn and I went to the “survivor” registry table, the survivor in front of me used up the last survivor registration page, which was a little deflating. Especially since they seemed to only have about seven such pages on hand. Could they really expect only seven cancer survivors to show up to such a huge event? Hmmm…

In a couple of weeks I go in for my training at the Madison area office of the ACS to learn about how to be a driver for the Road to Recovery program that helps cancer patients get to and from treatments and other medical appointments. Dawn and I had to use the program twice while I was undergoing chemotherapy, and apparently they have such demand that they sometimes have to turn people down, so it seemed a good place to try to give back. I can’t imagine trying to ride the bus (or even take a cab) after a chemo treatment. What a drag that would be. So, I’ll be sure to write when I start driving to let you all know how it’s going.

My next doc visit is also in a few weeks — and before that another CAT scan. It’s been a long time since I’ve had an IV, so I’m not much looking forward to that.

Thanks again.


One Response to “Where are they now?”

  1. Cool! I just realized your blogging about eco-theater again. I put it under my Crunchy Spotlight for a smooch. Way to go!

    I’m also doing another blog- – Live Lightly, Read Wildly. It a journey about creating summer reading programs that aren’t full of landfill trinkets. It’s been much harder then I thought!

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