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Another day…another?

Posted in Cancer Life on May 15, 2008 by lawler

Saw Dr. Arbaje today. The whole thing, frankly, is wearing me down — even though I only go every two month these days. My tumor markers (if you don’t recall what those are, look here) both went up this time, which I think is a first. They have never gone below normal levels, and have never both spiked at the same time, but did this time. The doc told me today of a testicular cancer patient of his who is thirteen years out from his chemo treatments, and his tumor markers have never dropped to normal levels. So, it seems that it is not unusual really.

And, while I don’t recall this part of the conversation, Dawn assures me that when pressed a bit, the doc did say, “there is no evidence that there is any cancer left in your body.” Whew. That’s a nice line to hear, huh? Somehow it slipped through my ears, and I did not retain it.

In related news, I have a hormonal imbalance apparently as a result of my chemo treatment. What’s that, you say? Well, about a month ago, I started to notice that my facial hair (normally pretty full) was thinning and disappearing on my upper lip and my cheeks. Then, we noticed that my chest hair was also thinning out again. And, though I was going bald up top before chemo, it seems to be going faster than it was before my treatments. So, the doc said, “well, we see this in women who are about to go through menopause and then have chemo.” The chemo pushes them into menopause and this affects their hair loss post-chemotherapy. So, basically I’m a menopausal woman. My hormones are all screwed up. Let’s hope my apparent lack of testosterone doesn’t spread to more important areas — if you know what I mean.

So, there it is: the latest.

Thank you all for your continued support and love.