This thing

Today I underwent my fourth (or is it fifth?) CT scan. It was the third time I had “drink the barium.” The test was ordered by my oncologist last week when he pointed out a spike in my now infamous tumor markers.

He said that the spike was not following the gradual trend he had been observing for months, and it concerned him enough that he felt he must order yet another CT scan to be sure that the cancer had not returned in some form.

As a side note, I have to complain a bit about my nurse/CT tech: as we ambled down the hallway to the scan room she asked if I’d ever had a CT before — when I replied that I had she actually said, “Well, that can’t be a good thing.” It was only moments later that it occurred to me how terribly insensitive this was. And to think I’d just swallowed a couple of jugs of liquid barium.

As a not-so-side-note, my 20 year-old nephew Trevor was recently diagnosed with Hodgkins. He began chemotherapy treatments yesterday and has already begun to feel the negative side effects. Please keep him in your thoughts and prayers.


2 Responses to “This thing”

  1. Phuckity, phuck, phuck, phuck–some of which refers to your nurse, and some of which refers to the rest.

  2. stephanie jutt Says:

    Well, I don’t think it’s bad to have a CT scan, it’s GOOD because doing everything you can do means you are STAYING WELL,
    what a phucking idiot – i would report her to her superior, i really would. Of course, every time someone says something truly idiotic and insensitive, you could write a book on that and might take up your whole fucking day!!!! Now I’M MAD TOO!!!! steph
    ps let’s go eat pizza at lomgardino’s or greenbush and fageddaboudit. stephanie

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