The Big Let Down

Today, as we walked out of the Thompson Plumb building on John Q. Hammons Drive after a disappointing meeting with my Oncologist, Dr. Arbaje, Dawn said, “I don’t know why I always come here thinking everything is fine.” She said this because we received what might be the worst news we’ve received in several months about my ongoing — yep, back to that word — battle with this pesky thing we call cancer.

To be brief, my Human chorionic gonadotropin (HCG) tumor marker has spiked significantly, going from about ten (10) to 357. You may recall (though you probably don’t, in which case click on the link above for an explanation) what tumor marker’s are, and the HCG marker was previously the least of our worries when considering my cancer. But now it’s become a concern.

I have a CT scan scheduled for tomorrow (Friday, September 19), and will receive the results from Dr. Arbaje on Monday. If the scan shows nothing (as it did two months ago), he said he will order a PET scan to get a closer look.

I will keep you posted.


One Response to “The Big Let Down”

  1. cancer sucks. we’re sending all our love and good energy to you.

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