On the Inside

Mike's insides from today's CT scan

An image of Mike's insides from today's CT scan

This might be odd for some, but here I am. I went today for my fifth or sixth (who’s counting anymore?) CT scan this morning — and, since I am seeing my oncologist on Monday to discuss the results, they sent me home with the images, which happened to be on a cd. I thought I’d pop it in my computer to see if I could see them, and I could. I haven’t looked very close at them, because I’m not a doctor, and I’m not sure what’s supposed to be there, and what isn’t. So, I’ll leave the speculating to the professionals.

No matter what my doc sees in these images, I’ll probably be heading for a PET scan sometime next week.

Thank you all for your kind thoughts and words (and prayers).


11 Responses to “On the Inside”

  1. very cool. i’ve been staring at it for about 10 minutes! i’m also thinking of you and sending good vibes for the follow up visit.

  2. Thanks for the vibes — and I’m glad the image of my innards is so fascinating. I’m sort of fascinated by it too. I only wish I could figure out how to save and post the “slices” of my body that they also take on the CT scan. There are two series of slices, about centimeter thick of my entire chest and pelvis — sort of like a side view cut into centimeter thick pieces.

  3. Nice innards!

  4. After I made this image public, I thought, “oh no, what if someone who knows a thing or two sees something else that’s wrong with me!”

  5. Well, your heart appears to be in the right place! :-). Thinking of you.

  6. hey, your spine is crooked. but i suppose that is not of much concern. plus, i’m not a doctor either. looking forward to seeing some slices.

  7. I know. It’s been like that for years. Not happy about that, but it isn’t going to kill me. I wish you could see me run through the slices — it’s pretty cool.

  8. stephanie jutt Says:

    You’re a lot cuter with your skin on.
    And your scoliosis makes it easier to take those outdoor showers under a tree branch.
    come over here anytime for a nice hot bath!
    or dinner soon with dawn – i’ll call you.

  9. So that’s what’s meant by “inner beauty.” Spectacular! Thanks for posting it. Georgia

  10. Jamie Van Eyck Says:

    I think I see a little pool of Charles Shaw chardonnay in there. Weird…
    Thinking of you, Mike! Can’t wait to have another wine ‘n’ salsa night with you and Dawn.

  11. Thanks everyone.

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