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I just couldn’t muster a clever (or not-so-clever) header for this post — unless you consider the header I came up with clever. Frankly, it’s difficult to admit that I’m back here writing again on a semi-regular basis. But I am, and here’s why:

Dr. Arbaje called me today hours before I was to show up for an appointment with him to tell me that there is in fact a tumor in my abdomen about 3 centimeters wide. He cannot tell if it is associated with one of my lymph nodes or not at this point.

The next step is what my doc calls “restaging.” In other words he needs to deduce what stage my cancer is now in — this means tests. I am currently awaiting a call from his nurse (my nurse) Kim to let me know when she has arranged appointments for an Ultrasound on my remaining testicle, a PET scan, and an MRI. These tests are being done to determine if the cancer has spread beyond the tumor that has been found already in my abdomen, and will dictate the course of treatment.

If no other signs of cancer are found in my body, Dr. Arbaje has told me that I will need to at least have surgery on the tumor in my abdomen to remove it.

That’s what I know, and I suppose that’s all I have to say for now.

Thank you all for your love, support, prayers, thoughts, positive energies and vibes.


3 Responses to “[insert header here]”

  1. Mike, you have all the love, support, prayers, thoughts, positive energies, vibes & warm fuzzies I have coming your way.

  2. Mike and Dawn, As paralyzing as all this is, you are the light of a lot of people’s lives and have helped us all in more ways than you could ever know. You are young and very strong, and you have an incredible family. I truly believe all will be well, and you are a very healthy guy who has had some terrible luck. Stay strong and we’ll try to stay strong with you. Sending you lots and lots of love. I have a fantastic carpenter fixer-upper guy (Ben Farringer) who can do anything – maybe a little help with that bathroom to speed things along? let me know… and what else? something really yummy to eat? Love, Stephanie

  3. Dawn got a lot of calls today about people wanting to help with the bathroom, and we’ve decided to take them up on it. Thanks to you both (Stephanie and Sally) for your kind thoughts, vibes, and “warm fuzzies.” It all helps more than you know.

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