Post from Dawn

I thought I should let everyone know how Mike is doing, since he doesn’t have the energy to do so himself at the moment.  This first round of chemo hit him very hard. He has been having difficulties keeping food down, his nausea is pretty awful, his whole body aches (partially because of the toxic drugs, and partially because of the Nulasta shot they gave him on Saturday at the hospital to stimulate his white blood cell production), and his strength has been sapped completely.  He needs all the positive energy he can get right now, because he feels incredibly beaten down, both physically and emotionally.  I know he will get through this, and so does he, but it doesn’t really make the present situation any easier.  Thanks so much to all of you for all the love, support, prayers, thoughts, cards, food, bathroom remodeling, tree removal, showers, company, and anything else that I may have accidentally left out (which doesn’t make it any less important!).



11 Responses to “Post from Dawn”

  1. You are both all the time in our hearts and prayers. It will get better but meanwhile you know that we love to help and support you in any way we can. Thank you to keep us in touch.

  2. Thank you for the update. We are wrapping you both in a blanket of love. Call when you need our help. Mom

  3. Thank you for posting this message, Dawn. This morning I left something on your front steps. Whereas I’m pretty sure that Mike would rather I concentrate on CSP right now, much of my family life is spent in the kitchen and that is something I can easilty share with your family. Positive energy and loving thoughts are baked into every bite. Try to keep YOUR energy up, too.

  4. Dawn ~ Thanks for the update. We’ll continue to send out all positive energy as we’ve got. Much love to you both… Susan & Steve

  5. Felicia Tabanico Gelsey Says:

    Dawn – I sent mike an email about nausea and vomiting. My co-worker and I are able to make some suggestions regarding an antiemetic regimen. You guys are in our thoughts and prayers here in Colorado. Felicia

  6. Smoking Baby Says:

    Much good thoughts, well wishes and overall positive vibrations to you, Veeg.

  7. Billy, you must be the last person on the planet that calls me Veeg. Thanks to everyone for your support and the many beautiful ways you have chosen to show it.

    I spent the entire day at the Oncology clinic being re-hydrated and monitored today. I’m feeling much better now, though still wiped out. I’ll write more when I can.


  8. Mike, I’m glad to hear that you are feeling better now. Taka (my husband) & I will keep praying about you and Dawn every day!

  9. Mike

    So good to hear that yesterday’s hydration brought some energy back to your world. Know we are praying for virtue and long life each time we think of you, and for comfort and hope for you both.


  10. Jason Haines Says:

    Ditto, Ditto, Ditto! You’re in our prayers as always, Mike.

  11. Christi Moore Says:

    Mike – I’ve just caught up on the last couple of months of your postings. Wow! Obviously, I’m shocked and saddened at this turn of events. My partner Mary had a recurrence this year too and it is no fun, but I know you will emerge triumphant over the Beast. Hang in there and know that you and Dawn are in my thoughts and prayers. And not that it seems to matter now, but congrats on the American Theatre article too!

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