Where Am I?

Michael Lawler

Indiana University Hospital

550 North University Blvd.

Room 5256

Indianapolis, IN 46202-5250


Phone: 317.274.9133 (and my cell phone works here too)


One Response to “Where Am I?”

  1. Mike

    Good to hear you have landed safely. Hospitals are great — aren’t they? You have to think of them as an organized anarchy. Lots of systems, lots of intenst organization and hierarchy, but decision making authority is widely dispersed it is impossible at any given time to know who (if anyone) is actually in charge. Teaching hospitals associated with a University are worse even still, you have another whole layer of authority that is woven into the fabric. I’ll be praying the the person who sticks the needle in at the appropriate moments is treating you like one of their children and not just the 7th person of the day.

    Hugs from us — Tom & Lorita

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