Another Update from Dawn

I know that many of you are probably wondering what is happening with Mike, and since he has been too weak to write and I am too tired to call everyone, I thought I would venture into his blog space again and give a quick update.

Mike has already received his three days of chemo, and this past two days were “rest” days before he received his stem cells back today. My good (that is an understatement) friend Jeanne and I went down to see him this past Friday, and stayed until Sunday afternoon. Each day we could see a distinct change in him, because as his white cell count dropped dramatically, so did his energy. By the time we left yesterday he could barely keep his eyes open. But this is all to be expected, and the nurses keep telling me that he is doing well, so I have no other choice but to believe them. He still had his sense of humor on Saturday, which was very nice to see – he even tried to make a break for it when we went for a short walk around the transplant unit. He was eating well until we left, which was also encouraging. This coming week will be the low point for him, because of the lack of white blood cells in his body. That is what the transplant is for, though, and by the end of the week he should be making a comeback already. His friend Tara will be visiting him a few times this week, our friend Todd is going down on Monday the 17th for two or three days, and I will be back down there on Friday the 21st, hopefully to bring him home for the week of Thanksgiving. Definitely something to be very thankful for!

Thanks for all your thoughts and prayers, presents, food, cards, and phone calls.



2 Responses to “Another Update from Dawn”

  1. Thank you for the post, Dawn! I will continue to pray about you & Mike. I truly hope he will come home with more energy and enjoy the Thanksgiving holiday with you.

    Thinking about you —


  2. What were you playing in the following photograph? Oh that lucky hospital ward! Thank you for your post. You both are constantly in my thoughts.

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