The Bone Marrow Ward

Yesterday was rough. But, then so was the day before that. And the one before that too. The good news is that I seem to have avoided many of the harsher side effects of this treatment (mouth, throat, and other inside area sores, vomiting, diarreah, etc.), and am now beginning to feel like the first cycle is rounding the corner and heading home.

The unavoidable side-effect of the high dose chemo is simply plummeting blood cell counts. They transplanted some of my healthy stem cells harvested last week on Monday, but  throughout the week my counts continued to drop. Today, I had to receive “blood product” to help boost my platelet count, which was hovering at the lowest point they want to see it. My white blood cell count is still also quite low, but with daily injections of Neupogen, which helps boost the creation of white blood cells, it should slowly begin to recover.

At this point, I’m hoping the the last couple of days have been the worst of it, and I’ll begin to feel somewhat back to normal by the weekend.

Perhaps the most difficult part of all of this is being away. Away from Dawn, my home, my friends, my cats, my not-so-routine routine. The normalcy is not only stripped away it is withheld from sight on a sort of taunting fishing reel held by a hand that continually says, “just a little more…”

The idea of being cooped up in a hospital room for three weeks (and further within the very small Bone Marrow Ward on the fifth floor — which I am not allowed to leave the confines of), has been weighing on my tired mind. It’s a situation I could not have known how to prepare for frankly, and so don’t feel too bad about my handling of it.

Fortunately, I have not been alone through all of this. As you may remember my brother Jeff and Dawn were here with me on my first day, and made sure I was set up for the journey to come. Dawn and Jeanne were here with me for the next weekend, and Tara has now made the drive up from Cincinnati three times to spend days and nights with me in the hospital. I don’t know how I would have muddled through those days with out their company and distraction. On Monday, Todd will be here to keep me company, and then Dawn will return next weekend to pack me up and bring me home for a week or so.

Thanks to all of who have called, sent cards and packages, love, mementos, photos, and the best you have to offer. It is all so dearly appreciated.


2 Responses to “The Bone Marrow Ward”

  1. Mike

    Knew you would be in the doldrum times leading up to the weekend, and will pray for fast recovery. Thanks for keeping us up to date with your progress as you migrate through the treatment events. The tix on the 22nd still have your name on them if you are back in town and feeling at all like joining us.

    Hugs from us — Tom & Lorita

  2. Only a few more days before Thanksgiving week!
    Thinking about you.


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