Day 15

White Blood Cell count: 0.7

Platelets are at about 7, so I will be getting another platelet transfusion.

That is all (for now).


2 Responses to “Day 15”

  1. More than twice the day before! A sure sign of a spike. Today is your day. And tomorrow will be even MORE your day. And hey, isn’t Dawn coming the following day? That will TOTALLY be your day for no other reason. Except that I am also anticipating another and another and another day of spiking white counts.

    And would you get to 150 pounds already? Sheesh!

    Enjoy the platelets. They’re fast, and they’re a pretty peach color, in my opinion.

    I would rather…hug you without worrying about your chest protrusions. I look forward to that day!

    Love you. Oh, and special thanks to Todd for releasing the gross slimy dude from his shell. I wonder what people will think of THAT sentence!

  2. Felicia Tabanico Gelsey Says:

    Hi Mike,

    Hang in there. You’re in our thoughts here in Colorado! The mountains are beautiful here too.


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