Day 16

One of my favorite nurses, Rebecca, left me a wonderful note this morning before she left her shift (and without waking me):


Mike, The voodoo worked!

Have a great day!


Translated, this means that my white blood cell count came back this morning at 2.1 (and my ANC is at 1700)! Though my Hemo is a bit low, and they will be giving me a bit of blood today, the doctors are currently discussing whether to release me TODAY or TOMORROW!

You may have noticed from Rebecca’s note that I asked her to put some “voodoo or something” on the blood she had drawn at four o’clock this morning.

I will keep you posted.


One Response to “Day 16”

  1. What a good nurse! I wanted to say hey Mike and that I was thinking about you. Yay that they are letting you out of the hospital! take care Hugs!

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