Hurry Up…And Wait

What can you do when a big hospital like IUPUI is out of beds for patients? You wait. You wait some more. And then, full of apology, the hospital staff tells you they’re putting you up in a hotel for the night.

That’s right. I’m back at the now comfortable Candlewood Suites, alone, waiting for a hospital bed so that I can begin chemo.

So, a night of respite. I’ll write more tomorrow to confirm that I actually am admitted…


One Response to “Hurry Up…And Wait”

  1. Felicia Tabanico Gelsey Says:

    Wow, no room! That’s wonderful you got to go home for Thanksgiving. Hopefully, this cycle will go well too! I had a dream the other night that Jeff and I went to viist you (but you were in California at Blemont Plaza Pool) with a couple of our old friends from the Millikan water polo team that we used to hang out with. How weird! Those crazy neurons! Anyway, enjoy the respite…Felicia

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