But where am I EXACTLY?

Michael Lawler

IU Simon Cancer Center

1030 W Michigan Street

Room A4

Indianapolis, IN 46202


Phone: 317.274.9634*

*My cell phone may be a better option, since I’ve already received about six calls for the previous tenant of A4, and have grown weary of picking up the room phone.


One Response to “But where am I EXACTLY?”

  1. Okay, I got some more of those queasy pops. They also mistakenly sent me some “preggie pops.” Preggie pops were the originators, and then cancer-y folks started using them, so they branched out.

    Anyway, if I sent preggie pops, would you use ’em? They’re organic. And it’s not like they say Preggie Pop on them (well, once the wrapper is off).


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