Where am I again?

After an unexpected night in a hotel, I awoke early yesterday thanks to a phone call from my favorite occasional insomniac — Dawn. By the time I arrived at the hospital an hour and a half later, the ladies in the Bone Marrow Transplant ward assurred me there was a bed waiting for me. One small caveat: it’s not in the BMT  ward. It’s in the new IU Cancer Center, the first phase of which just opened in August. Needless to say the room is very nice,very new, and I have an actual view of things this time! Here’s what the building looks like on the outside:

IU Cancer Center

My room is in the part of the building that runs parallel with the street, on the first floor where you see red around the windows — and I believe it is the fourth from the right of that section. Make sense?

I can even see a bit of downtown off to the side. If you had any idea what my view was last time, you’d understand (see below for note on missing cable and why I can’t show you that view either!).

And, when I can find the cable to upload photos, I’ll show you what the inside looks like. I was trying to figure out how to put a little arrow in the photo to indicate my room (on the thrid floor), but I don’t know how to do that stuff. Anyone?


The Best

While looking at the IU Cancer Center’s web site, I stumbled across an article boasting that 20 doctors at the center were included in the most recent edition of America’s Top Doctors for Cancer. I quickly scanned down the list, looking for the two  oncologists considered the leaders in testicular cancer treatment. And there they were (in alphabetical order):

Lawrence H. Einhorn, MD (testicular cancer, lung cancer, urologic cancer)

Stephen D. Williams, MD (testicular cancer, gynecologic cancer, genitourinary cancer)

If I ever doubted why I’m here (I didn’t), this would serve as at least one reason to doubt the doubt. It’s always nice to see that your doctor even has a fairly detailed wikipedia page devoted to his accomplishments.


3 Responses to “Where am I again?”

  1. Well, a whole new set of nurses to whom you can ask, “Would you rather…?” Mazel tov on the improved view.

    By the way, I recommend copy-pasting the picture into Paint or whatever Mac’s version of Paint is, and the doing a transparent text box, and using the Wingdings font (or Webdings or one of those), type an arrow. Of course, you’ll have to figure out what key(s) the arrow is, but you can do that in Word. That’d be my approach. Then save it as a .jpeg and post it again.

    That said, you gave a fine description. How about a Room # so we can adjust our addresses for you? Maybe just a whole new post with the updated address, eh? ‘Cause folks won’t look for such a thing in comments or replies to comments.

    Love you! Off to give an exam–wah-ha-ha!

  2. I got rid of my painterly program a long time ago. Go figure. Maybe i’ll try it on Dawn’s laptop now that she’s here for weekend (big sigh of relief).

  3. I got rid of my painterly program a long time ago. Go figure. Maybe i’ll try it on Dawn’s laptop now that she’s here for weekend (big sigh of relief).

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