Chemo Complete

Moments ago nurse Linda removed the line delivering carboplatin to my body.  If all goes as planned, this will be the final bit of chemo administered to my poor body.

On Tuesday I will receive an autologous stem cell transplant (meaning simply that they will be my own cells, rather than those of someone else), and will then spend the next couple of weeks recovering from the chemo and transplant.

I hope to arrive back in Madison shortly before Christmas, where Dawn and I have decided to bring home our very first holiday tree. It will be a live tree, that we can re-plant after the holidays, perhaps on our land near Dodgeville. Anyone interested in being a part of the replanting of the once used holiday tree should let us know — perhaps we can make a celebratory party out of it!

It’s nice to think ahead to such different times. It’s always a good thing to have on hand when your laid up in a hospital bed not feelling to hot: the future and what it holds if you want it to.


3 Responses to “Chemo Complete”

  1. I have two shovels and nothing but free time.

  2. Count us old folks in!

  3. Great! Of course, I anticipate the need for the ground to thaw first…

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