that’s what I’m feeling today. no energy. no motivaton — I can’t even muster up the visual stimulus of watching my body help itself as Dawn is always reminding me to do. It takes all I can to not stare at MSNBC and watch all the crap about the corrupt governor of Illinois, or that freak FA-18 that flew right into that suburban house yesterday, and just let everything float off to that kind of normalcy — when such things would garner a wince or pang of disappointment. In my present state, such things are but little info blips in a sea of more immediate, yet hardly addressable concerns.

It seems the dark time of the treatment has come on me again: reading takes too much concentration, Nintendo DS sucks too much brain away, and writing here on the blog causes me concern that I’ll write the wrong thing, or just not make much sense trying.

i hope to be more lucid soon. I’m very excited about developments with Wisconsin Story Project, and creatively it is what is keeping me going at the moment. i hope to have more information here and in other corners of the web soon on our the Cancer Stories Project too.

Making any sense? Guess I’d better stop now.


6 Responses to “down”

  1. Hi Mike!
    We hope that you will be feeling better soon…..You are at least missing some really cold and crappy weather here in Wisconsin.

    We’ll send good karma your way—

    Molly and Dave

  2. Hi Mike:

    DId you get the email I sent you the other day about negativity? If not, let me know and I’ll re-send it. I hope you turn off the news and just dwell on the love that everyone is sending. Negativity is very draining of life energy; you need to fill yourself up with positive and loving thoughts, and there are plenty coming your way. It will have an effect on your immune system, too! Here come the loving vibrations, from my heart to yours….Georgia

  3. I’ll play my Vibraphone for you in my basement, in a stocking hat, and a clip on neck tie, and… With or without crocs (those ugly shoes)?

  4. Mike,
    Being a native Chicagoan, the whole Illinois governor story makes me roll on the floor laughing. Those bastards are going to get what they deserve for thinking they are above the law and it’s going to happen for all the world to see. But I know that won’t help your mood, much. Let me know if you need any help with your project. I’m not a real actress, but I’m fairly good at organizing things.

    BTW, the visual of Todd the Drummer in the above post (even though I really don’t know what he looks like) makes me grin.

  5. Hey…what’s the problem with laying there zombified? Your body IS working hard whether you pay attention or not. But do turn off the God Damn MSNBC so you don’t get the rotten crap running through your brain while you are being a zomby. I’m thinking of you everyday, even on this very cold and wet New England winter day. xxo

  6. you make more sense in the state that you are in than most people when they are feeling well. Good kitty thoughts from Oregon

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