The finish line

There is a dry-erase calendar on my bathroom door, where my treatment is tracked meticulously in numbers. It looks like a strange, evolving mathmatical equation. But every square represents a day, and each day contains very specific information. The key information is represented by the letters W, H, and P — White Blood Cells, Hemoglobin, and Platelets. The H and the P are important, and the numbers aside them dictate whether or not I am in need of a transfusion of some sort. But the W is king. It is the number to watch.

This morning, I was awoken by the scuffling feet of my day nurse, just starting her twelve-hour shift. When I opened my eyes, she was standing in front of the dry-erase calendar, erasing and writing, making that squeaky noise that dry-erase pens are famous for. But her head was in the way. I couldn’t discern what numbers were being written after the W, the H, or the P. I moved  my head around, trying to get a  look. Nothing doing.

When she stepped away from the board, I was relieved. The box for today, December 18, read:

The important number here is the 1.6 next to the W

The important number here is the 1.6 next to the W

My white blood cells have “grafted.” My Absolute Neutrophil Count (ANC) is up at 600. Tomorrow they should spike even higher. The finish line is in sight.

Later today, I will have a CT scan to assess the effects of the last several weeks of treatment. I have no doubt it has done the trick. The question that remains is whether or not Dr. Einhorn will recommend the RPLND or not. That is the big question for me.

So, when I have the results I will let you know right away. Thank you all again for the love, energy, prayers, cards, packages, support, gifts, vibes, thoughts, and everything else you’ve sent along to both  Dawn and myself.


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