today is Wednesday

Okay, as of today we know this: I am scheduled to have surgery to remove the remainder of the tumor in my abdomen on February 2 in Indianapolis. Dr. [name withheld] will preside over the not-to-be-missed proceedings. They tell us that I will be in the hospital three to five days. I’m hoping to be out in two.

Before that I am meeting with Dr. Einhorn for post-high dose chemo evaluation and will also have follow-up blood work and CT scan.

As you have come to rely on, I will keep you posted.


2 Responses to “today is Wednesday”

  1. Hey I’m working on something I want to send to you non-electronically. Can you send me your real address?

    I am so glad you are at home, you sound so much more positive when you are in the bosom of your family. Think of you everyday, and so grateful to have your blogs.

    We are enjoying sunshine here today, despite melting slush and snow. A nice relief from the cold winds we get off the bay.

    Lots of love

  2. it was 3/28/04 and i had the exact same surgery done w/ Dr. Foster, it is 1/15/09 and im here to tell you that all is well, the road was rough but evrything will be ok/… if you want to talk , send me an e-mail w/ you contact info and i would be glad to talk to you re-Dr foster and Dr einhorn.. take care , Lou

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