Mike’s Surgery

I just wanted to let everyone know that Mike came through his surgery very well. He is in his semi-private room now, with his hand on the pain medication button. I spoke briefly with his surgeon directly after his surgery, who said that everything went just as expected with no surprises. He also said that the mass he removed looked to him like “dead cancer” but we won’t know anything for sure until the pathology report comes back on Wednesday or Thursday.  The surgeon will come to Mike’s room later today to check on him and answer any more questions we may have, and in the meantime Mike is resting and being taken care of by very nice nurses.  All in all everything seems to be going the way it is supposed to, and it is a big relief to know that as far as we can tell, most if not all the cancer is now gone from Mike’s body.



15 Responses to “Mike’s Surgery”

  1. Wonderful news! Thank you so much for the update, Dawn. I hope that you are doing well, too. It’s often just as hard to sit in that waiting room. Love all around from Oregon.

  2. Color me grateful. I got my special hat today. 🙂

  3. I am so glad everything went well. Speedy recovery, Mike!

  4. Mike,
    I meant to come by your house last week to borrow your router. Let me know when I can stop by and pick it up.

    PS: tee hee!

  5. Dawn — thank you for the update on Mike — so thankful he is past this phase and now the healing can begin again. Hugs from us!

  6. Mary and Greg Says:

    Glad to read all went as expected. Thinking of you both and wishing Mike a quick recovery.

  7. Thank goodness and thank you Dawn for the post.

  8. Thanks for keeping us informed. Our hearts are with you.

  9. So glad to hear the news. You must need a good rest Dawn. Happy day.

  10. Hi Dawn and Mike,
    We’re breathing a huge sigh of relief and sending huge tremendous hugs and whoops of joy that Mike came through the surgery so well. He looked great at the symposium this weekend and I was so busy I forgot to say GOOD LUCK – but when we wakes up tell him how thrilled I was to see him there and that I’m really looking forward to our “date” on March 14 at my house. You take care of yourself and the news from Madison Symphony is that we won the election to have the orchestra become UNION! Yeah!!! So this will spell a wonderful new professional status for our orchestra – the rest of the symposium went off without a hitch and we all had a wonderful time. This week it’s a luxury to just sit on my ass in the orchestra and play Beethoven 7th – as they say, it’s the little things that count!! We all love you and are thinking about you, Stephanie

  11. What can I say? It hurts a little to type this, but I have to say thank you to you all….


  12. Good to hear about surgery. Dr. Einhorn is the best of the best for testicular cancer. You are in good hands.

    I look foward to a year from now, when you and I are done with chemo treatments, done blogging about testicular cancer, and don’t have to think about this every day.

    Wishing you luck Mike & Dawn.

  13. Joyce and Terry Says:

    Thanks for the great news! Praying for a speedy and complete recovery.
    Love, Joyce and Terry

  14. The words, “All in all everything seems to be going the way it is supposed to, and it is a big relief to know that as far as we can tell, most if not all the cancer is now gone from Mike’s body” evokes from me: “Really? Really? Can it be true?” So relieved and so glad.

  15. We are so glad to hear the news!! 🙂 And it’s wonderful to see so many caring messages from all your friends.

    With love and prayers,

    Mana & Taka

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