How did I get talked into this?



17 Responses to “How did I get talked into this?”

  1. Mary and Greg Says:

    That scar is totally tough. When do the staples come out?

  2. It looks like a gruesome piercing right now.

  3. staples come out in a couple of weeks. not looking forward to that.

  4. Damn! That’s gonna leave a bitchin’ scar.

  5. Stephanie Jutt Says:

    Actually, I think it looks really GOTH and if it doesn’t hurt too much, you should show it off like jewelry for as long as it last. But, hmmm, I guess you’re probably not in the mood to do anything like that! It looks like a zipper, it looks like a necklace, it looks like…. TERMINATOR! Come home soon and let us fatten you up, love, thrilled it went so well too – Stephanie

  6. That’s quite a happy trail!

  7. Ooh! And imagine when someone who doesn’t know you now happens to see the scar!

    Newbie: Wow, how’d you get that?
    MJL: A leftover from testicular cancer.
    Newbie: MAN!! You got some big cojones!

    That’s gonna be awesome.

  8. Have they told yet whether the staples coming out will hurt? I was super scared to have the staples out after my surgery and it didn’t hurt at all. Not even a little bit. So … here’s hoping!

  9. Staples come out easily — my wife has a scar just like that from colon surgery when they had to remove 6 inches of her colon because of chronic diverticulitis. I was with her when the staples came out and she barely winced.

  10. Mike – I got mad at Steve for making jokes with you. (About the doctor having to climb inside to get the job done comment.) I know how much it hurts to laugh when you’ve had stomach surgery…and from looking at your scar, I imagine it hurts that much more! Whew! No laughing!

  11. I’m less nervous about the staple removal now that a total of three people with personal experience have told me it’s not a big deal. Of course, they tried to tell me the same thing about the removal of my apheresis catheter (things like, “oh, it’s not nearly as rough as having it placed”) — and that was clearly misleading, so….I’ll just be brave.

    Susan — laughter really does hurt. we had to turn off a movie last night because there was a scene that was really making me laugh and then Dawn got to laughing about my painful laughter and it all became very gruesome. it’s really a shame when laughter hurts so much. But, you know as well as I do, Steve can’t help it.

  12. Please note that I never said a damn comforting thing about having the port removed!

  13. I have a staple remover in my SM kit if that’ll help. Otherwise I’ll get a giant magnet to get those out…your choice. 🙂

  14. “Tara Says:
    February 7, 2009 at 6:22 pm

    Ooh! And imagine when someone who doesn’t know you now happens to see the scar!

    “Newbie: Wow, how’d you get that?
    MJL: A leftover from testicular cancer.
    Newbie: MAN!! You got some big cojones!

    That’s gonna be awesome.”

    Tara, I’ve never met you, but I sure wish I could. You are hilarious. I admire a woman who uses the word cojones. Are you Italian?

    Oh, and Mike…that is a bad-ass scar! No one is going to mess with you at the beach!!!

  15. Pat, I am pleased to be admired for my use of words. However, I am a mutt, and I am fairly certain that Italian isn’t part of the mix–at least not a big part. My surname is part Mexican, though. Maybe that’s where my admiration for large cojones originates? Probably not, actually, since the Mexican part of my last name comes from my mother’s life partner, Sheila de la Fuente!

    And Mike, I am hoping that you actually come up with a variety of scar source stories. Like that knife fight when you were incarcerated for that double homicide. That shit was crazy! Not so believable? How about you fell from the grid at Millikan High School’s theater? Oh, the possibilities.

    Don’t let Randy near you until those staples are out.

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