standing up, sleeping, pooping, and other things we take for granted

Dawn said the other day that she was visualizing my progress with the “evolution of man” image in her head. You know, like this one:

I think Dawn must’ve been visualizing me as the third troublemaker from the left. Since Wednesday night I’d like to think I’ve least moved on to the fifth creature in the series. But not all the time. If you were a fly on the wall in our house this week (or one of our cats), it would not be uncommon for you to overhear Dawn saying something to me along the lines of “Stand up, Mike.”

As some of you have probably already heard me gripe, this dang surgery has thrown me for a loop. The pain, discomfort, and general disruption of even the simplest tasks and events in life were things I severely underestimated when I walked into the operating room a week and a half ago.

While I am no longer taking any pain medication (I stopped the regular dose on Sunday, I think, and stopped entirely a couple of days ago), I am in constant discomfort still. Not enough to warrant the side effects of pain medication, however, but still enough to make life uncomfortable — you know, things like walking, lying down, sitting down, working on the laptop, simple stuff. I’m just glad the constipation nightmare is over. Holy cow. I never thought I’d be so pleased to be gulping Metamucil!

Thanks to everyone for your support — to those of you who have dropped off food, well, you have especially endeared yourselves to Dawn. She is extremely busy at this time of year, and is still dealing with an invalid at home…so, thank you.



For those interested in such things it might be worth noting that I received a copy of the pathology report for my surgery/tumor from IU this week. Here’s the gist (from my obviously layman understanding):

They removed sixteen lymph nodes that came up negative for cancer.

They removed one tumor assocciated with one lymph node, sized 2.1 cm that contained “small foci of matura teratoma and cystic trophoblastic tumor.”

They removed (as far as I can tell, though I don’t recall this being discussed) “right gonadal vein and mass.” The mass (1.7cm) was not found to be malignant.

So, there you go. I will more than likely be headed back to Indiana sometime in early March to meet with the surgeon, and Dr. Einhorn for follow up. At this point, I am still under the impression that Dr. Einhorn is strongly recommending I take oral VP-16 for three cycles/months.


5 Responses to “standing up, sleeping, pooping, and other things we take for granted”

  1. Jeff Godsey Says:

    I told you to have stool softeners at the ready.

    Saw my hematologist this week. I remain cancer-free, but he’s writing a paper about me. Apparently, my lymphoma is fatal more often that not, and I’m one of only 3 or so people in the world who went into remission without chemo. Makes me feel strong and vulnerable at the same time, as if it’s in there just hiding from them somehow.

    Anyway – pooping, standing, rolling over in bed, etc. all become difficult after surgery in the (formerly) happy area. You’ll get back to the world of the normal b.m.

  2. Jane Duncan Says:

    Hope you will be feeling good soon. I also had surgery for a tumor in the recrum area. Recovering myself slowly but surley……good luck…

  3. Stephanie Jutt Says:

    Geez, I hope that cake was okay!! Chocolate can be a little…. um….. constipating. Of course, I’ve only HEARD that, I don’t actually KNOW myself! Well, maybe that only applies to people who eat the whole cake, so maybe this note should be addressed to DAWN, ha! Are you around this weekend or totally booked? I’d love to stop by for a better visit… that was pathetic the other day but I was just in the neighborhood with that cake.. love, stephanie

  4. Jeff — I know, I know, and I was taking them but they just didn’t do the trick. It was my friend Keri’s suggestion of Metamucil that saw me through! Good to hear that you’re still in the clear too — keep it up, you’re a marvel of modern science and humanity!

    Jane –I hope you’re feeling good soon too. Hang in there.

    Stephanie — I missed your call. I’ll check the message! And thanks for the cake!

  5. Hoping things will just get better and better.
    Big hug from raquel and pancho

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