EVISCERATED; or, don’t expect to get a good sense of what I’m writing today from this title

That’s the word that one of my co-worker’s used yesterday to describe her impression of my surgery. She said something like, “Considering that you were just recently eviscerated, you look good!”

Last night, Dawn said, “you really should put up another post on your blog — everyone thinks you’re not doing well.” I hadn’t meant my last post to sound that way. I realize now that it had an odd, disconnected header that could be interpreted as negative — but that wasn’t my intent. Sometimes the titles for my post are just the fist thing that comes to mind, sort of a free association exercise. I suppose you could read into that.

Anyway, no one is “rolling over” here. Things are progressing, albeit more slowly than I would like, and I’m more and more back into life everyday.

For the medical side of things, I’ve seen my GP three times in the last two weeks — which is a hell of a lot considering the last time I saw him was August 30, 2007 when he told me he thought I had testicular cancer. Since then it’s been a whirlwind of medical appointments, but none of them with him. When I saw him again yesterday, he asked to be kept more in the loop from here on out. It’s a sign to me that he is not only a good doctor that cares about my treatment, but also that he thinks my medical life will be much more mundane in the near future. Sounds good to me. It’s one thing in life I wouldn’t mind being mundane.

The reason he has seen me so frequently lately is a small issue with my incision wound. The area where it swoops around my navel did not like the staple removal, and we’ve been keeping a close eye to make sure it does not become infected. So far, it is sensitive and sometimes uncomfortable (and itchy!), but not infected.

Next week I will be traveling yet again to Indianapolis to see the surgeon and Dr. Einhorn. I had planned on driving myself, but when Dr. Nettum got wind of this plan (via his nurse Christina, who received the information during what we thought was casual conversation), he told us he would prefer if someone escorted me there. Fortunately, Dawn’s dad, Hartmut, will be able to make the trip with me so that Dawn doesn’t have to worry about shuffling her schedule around. It’s especially difficult for her because of her teaching studio, and all of the students clamoring for lessons! Thank you Hartmut!

I will be sure and put a post up next week to let you know how the Indy trip went. Thank you for reading — and thanks to everyone for your concern, your love and support, your prayers, food (we’ll get those containers back to you as soon as we can), your positive energy, and constant showing of hope.


7 Responses to “EVISCERATED; or, don’t expect to get a good sense of what I’m writing today from this title”

  1. My bad…

  2. Shoot me an e-mail to let me know approx. when you’ll be there and/or available for a hug. I’d love to give you a hug if I can wing it.

  3. Uh, no pun intended with the hug/wing thing. 🙂

  4. Is Dr. Einhorn related to Lt. Einhorn the ex football player?

  5. Pat, don’t be ridiculous. It feels like I have been eviscerated. I think it was a good word.

    Tara, dammit: sorry you can’t make it to Indy.

    Greg, what in hell are you talking about?!?

  6. Kids were watching Ace Ventura, remember “laces out”

  7. Ah. You know, I’ve never seen that movie! Hence my inability to get your joke…

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