Looking for Easter

Today was Easter. Dawn played a church gig in the morning and then we headed out to Bear Valley to spend the day with Dawn’s parents, her brother (up from Chicago) Andrew, and the Walton’s. As usual, Georgia made a wonderful meal, and then we all traipsed around the family acreage looking for twelve well-hidden Easter baskets that my father-in-law Hartmut placed carefully earlier in the day. All conversations about the Easter hunt that took place prior to the actual event were full of adolescent-like disdain. The fact is, it was fun. I trotted around documenting the event, but feeling as though I should try to find a basket too (it is a competition, right?). With some help from Hartmut (“You’re getting warmer…Andrew is very cold…Dawn is hot,” et cetera) I found one of the tiny baskets!

So, here is the most recent picture I have of myself (as promised yesterday)…still skinny, but not looking like a naked mole rat (aka cancer patient) anymore. That’s my Easter basket atop my head, by the way…

Proud of my easter basket. Easter, 2009.
Proud of my easter basket. Easter, 2009.

6 Responses to “Looking for Easter”

  1. That’s one tiny little basket.

  2. Greg (Cara's dad) Says:

    Good note about Easter. Did you load up on chocolate?
    We were at our cottage on Grand Lake. It snowed all week-end! Still ice on the lake – limits kayaking or windsurfing quite a bit. Water is high – normal spring level plus 3 feet or so. Our newest pup passed level three obedience – instructor said pup is quite smart – not sure about the trainer.

  3. Jeff Godsey Says:

    Looking good, buddy.

  4. stephanie jutt Says:

    a teeny tiny basket on top of a very cute head!!! happy spring, i heard your bulbs are coming up, how cool is that!

  5. It’s not the size of the basket that matters….wait. I didn’t mean it like that.

  6. I like the photo! 🙂 I’m glad you had a good time. I did egg hunt myself at my friends’ house, which was fun.

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