About The C Word

On Thursday, August 30, 2007 my doctor told me that I had testicular cancer. This blog is a record of life as I dealt with eradicating the cancer from my body, from surgery to a battery of tests, to chemotherapy, and beyond. I kept it for two main reasons: one, to give me a writing project; and two, to help keep everyone informed without writing millions of emails and fielding hundreds of phone calls. I hope it provides information on my situation and the quirks of life that crop up in times of trouble and desperation.

If you have questions for me, you can check out the Frequently Asked Questions page, where I’ve posed some common questions and supplied quick answers (with updates as answers shift and change).


6 Responses to “About The C Word”

  1. i still see you taken that picture of me
    and the american fiesta chair mysteriously approaching stephen t.
    & the conversations about acupuncture in the basement

    all the best

    we miss you old grumpy


  2. My years at the State Theatre were distinct for sure — and they never would have been so interesting and enjoyable if you had not been one of the regular cast of characters in that dusty basement. Thanks for your thoughts Ben. –mike.

  3. Hi there, I am a former flute student of Stephanie Jutt’s from UW-Madison. Dawn and I crossed paths there a while ago. Stephanie let me know recently what you are going through and sent me a link to your blog. My brother was diagnosed with CML, a type of chronic leukemia about 2 weeks before you were diagnosed so my family and I have been navigating a very different yet in some ways similar journey over the past few months. Our thoughts are with you and Dawn…


  4. Wow… Scott and Ronda just sent me the link to this, possibly because I have cancer, too, heh. This is not the coolest club to belong to, pfft. I just had a bilateral mastectomy the day before yesterday, which I am now subjecting all of my friends to photos of (I have a very accommodating surgeon). Glad to see that your insurance finally seems to have ponied up and it’s good that they can’t find any signs of remaining cancer.

  5. Julia — cancer sucks. I’m sorry to hear that you’ve gone and got it yourself. It isn’t a club that I wanted to join, and don’t envy new members. How are you doing? p.s. I don’t want to see the photos.

  6. Dear Michael,
    My name is Jeana Moore. Beverly and Richard Davis just dropped me off on W9999 after generously buying breakfast for me. My granddaughter, Jada was born with Acute Myeloid Leukemia. She was blessed with finding her match in a 30 year old man from Germany. She had a bone marrow transplant and is now in remission. She is 2 1/2.
    Out of gratitude our family created the project Steps To-Marrow in which I am walking from Seattle to LA and LA to NYC. All along the way I am raising awareness around the need for bone marrow donors, sharing how easy it is to join the national bone marrow registry and holding bone marrow drives.
    Beverly mentioned your project and I thought you might be interested in Jada’s story.
    I hope to hear from you soon
    Jeana moore
    206 450-5770

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